Hello and Konnichiwa!

My name is  Koko.

I am originally from Tokyo Japan  – now I live in a small northern country in Scandinavia.  (English is my 2nd language and my written maybe not so great …. hope you can bear with me 😅)


I’ve been always having this problem : WHY IS MY HOUSE SO MESSY!?!?!?!

I am terrible at throwing stuff away, keep it tidy,…… you know some people are naturally (?) good at cleaning…  I go visit friends’ house, their home looks like an interior magazine.  then I go,   ” How the heck can they keep it so clean?!”

Can you relate to me?! 😂

I need to change something in my habit. Is it changeable? I don’t know honestly. But I want to try!!

KonMari has been a mega hit in America and other countries recently but I’d like to tell you, that there are so many other philosophy and haks in Japan.

I’m going to share those with you on this blog, and other inspirational tips and hacks too – and at the same time, I can learn how to clean and organize 😉


I hope this blog helps you in some ways to improve your life 😁